New walk leader’s guidance notes
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  1. When choosing your walk ensure that you use public rights of way or permitted footpaths, and stay off roads as far as possible.
  2. Reconnoitre:- if possible accompanied by the person who will be your back-marker (“Tail-End-Charlie” is essential)
  3. Meeting place:- 6 figure grid reference with ample parking
  4. Day of walk:- be early to enable you to meet members and visitors — check numbers.
  5. Welcome new walkers, and introduce them by name to the other walkers. Have a word with those who are not members and let them know how to get in touch with the Secretary to obtain a full programme and RA leaflet.
  6. Before setting off, give a brief description of the route and any information on points of interest.
  7. Prompt start – do not keep people hanging about.
  8. As leader you should be in front to control the speed of the walk – try to avoid gaps in the party – keep looking back – have stops to enable those at the rear to catch up, and when they do, give them time for a break.
  9. Lunch stop on the all day walk of about 45 minutes, (10 to 15 minutes for the half day walk), depending on the weather and convenience for “Gentlemen Forward”.
  10. Path problems should be reported to our Footpath Secretary. Give as  much information as you can but it is essential that you provide the following Parish, route of path (from/to), Grid Reference, problem experience, date problem encountered, your name, address and telephone number.
  11. Further important points:
    Read the Ramblers' civil liability insurance guide.
    Any of the forms mentioned in the guide can be obtained from the Group Secretary if you cannot reproduce them yourself.If a walker, for any reason is unable to continue a walk, a competent person must be elected to accompany him/her to a secure point.
       If an accident or incident occurs during your walk which might lead to a claim of negligence against the RA or a member (for example damage or an incident needing medical treatment from a doctor or hospital) full written details are to be forwarded to our Chairman. Details are to be as comprehensive as possible and include witnesses, place of accident and circumstances.
       If, after arranging to lead a walk, circumstances prevent you being available on the day and you are obliged to find a substitute, please ensure the deputy is a RA member. This is important in order to comply with insurance requirements.

No. of Walkers:
Start Point:

ACCOUNT OF WALK (Please write a description of the walk outlining the route, weather, scenery, incidents amusing or otherwise, flora, fauna etc. so that this can be edited or rewritten for any newspaper report or other publicity).














Please return to the Publicity Officer - Wendy Camp, 7 Wilton Close, Taunton, TA1 4EZ or email
Please quote “Ramblers Walk Report” or it will get scrubbed.