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Notice board
Here are all the general announcements about calls for help, working parties, cottages to let, and member's items for sale (no more old boots please). Offers of romantic entanglements in strict confidence, after vetting by the webmaster. Comments and contributions invited by email, no handwritten notes please (photos need be no bigger than 400px)

AGM invite

Group Newsletter, Autumn no. 43 here

The Walking Partnership

If you book a walking holiday here or abroad through the Walking Partnership then they will give £10 to our group for a UK holiday or £20 abroad per person. For details click here.

Emergency card
The RA have produced an individual card that they feel should be carried by every rambler in the case of emergency - name, address, next of kin, matron's tel no. etc. To download one please click here.

Post code finder website

Came across this excellent website here that not only supplies any postcode - useful for setting SatNav start - but a myriad of other details all on one site. Find the route between two places (cities, towns). Show route, driving directions, fuel cost, distance, travel time, and alternatives routes. Plus elevation, address - and even toll costs in France. Yes Google does much the same but this seemed to be simpler and presents all the information on one page. Try it.

We're now on Facebook. To reach the page just click on the F logo shown on each of these pages.

Struggling to find the path?

If you're struggling to find the path, contact Somerset County Council,
Rights of Way Dept here.
Or moving pictures on YouTube here.





Ramblers Abroad


2014 P & O Tours in the Bernese Oberland (Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau to you). Click here for more pics.


Learn to walk. In case you are troubled which foot to move after the left (or right), don't worry, help is at hand. You can go on a course. Yes for just £24 you can learn Nordic Walking for beginners (advanced course later). Held at various venues across the county you can learn in only six easy lessons each one lasting an hour. And once you've mastered that, why not be an instructor? Yes there's a course to teach others how to walk. This does take, as you might expect, 16 hours spread over two weeks – and must be bargain of the year at £350. (No duckie, you pay them, not the other way round.)  More details on www.learnsomerset.co.uk. Next week: How to tie your laces.
Walk Magazine website can be reached by clicking on the image: Walk magazine Walk Magazine

The Basset Hound Walkers. If you just happen to have one of these adorable creatures and
also like Basset Hound Walkerswalking there is a
group in the West Country that runs 11 walks a year for 5 - 6 miles. 68 Bassets walked at Burnham in February. Details here.