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Accident/incident report form Pages 13-14 of the RA Civil Liability Insurance
AGM Normally end November: 2018 not known yet.
Annual report See here
Area holiday Cardigan, 5 - 8th October. See here (back page.)
Blocked paths We have a footpath secretary, Philip Bisatt email, but you can lodge the complaint yourself: see the Notice Board for how to do it.
Child Protection Policy The Ramblers Association circular on this subject can be downloaded here.
Christmas Dinners Not known yet.
Code of Conduct Walk leaders will read, memorise and recite before every walk. (RA Code of Conduct, click here to download)
The constitution Can be found here.
The Countryside Agency The Countryside Agency has now published a guide to definitive maps and changes to public rights of way. Use this link to see an extract.
Emergency card Contains details of name, address for you to complete and carry on a walk. See here.
Footpath Secretary Philip Bisatt is the one to contact re a blocked path etc
Grid reference How to work out a grid (map) reference.
Grid ref convertor to postcode or Lat/Longitude If you rely on a SatNav to find the start then you will need to convert the grid reference to a postcode or Latitude/Longitude that can be inputted. There are several websites that will do this for you: one is here.
Insurance? Download details of the RA Civil Liability insurance and the RA Insurance Guide (19 pages no less) for members.
Menu form Download a menu booking form (1 page pdf)
New leader? Helpful notes for your first walk.
Newsletter Autumn Newsletter no. 43 here.
Ramblers Association Takes you to the main website. You can also see the RA 2010/11 Business Plan here. At 41 pages it's pretty heavy going, but don't moan we don't give you the opportunity.
RA motions If you wish to lodge an amendment to a RA General Council motion - who doesn't ? - then you will need this form. If however you wish to delve into Article 11.3 (one member one vote) then click here without further delay. Please.
Signing-in sheet Walk leaders wishing to register their flock can download the sheet here. (Print off page 21)
Somerset Area Rambling & Walking Groups If you don't fancy the walk that we are arranging, try another group in Somerset. Click here to see the other RA group programmes. (But if you're a doggy person be warned that not many other groups allow them to come along).
Somerset Rambler (area newsletter) Somerset Area Newsletter, March 2019, no. 80 see here.
Treasurer? Who's the treasurer?
Video See a 15 minute video of one of our walks here.
Walk booklet Our very own publication of 16 circular walks, here.
Walk programme & newsletter as pdf. Current version, till end November, download (pdf) here. Or till end March 2019 see here (pdf).
Walk programme secretary

I'd like to organise a walk. Contact the following:
Andy Norris is the Programme Secretary (the one who combines all the walks into one coherent whole. He also looks after Wednesday walks).
Wednesday programmes: Andy Norris tel 01823 282282
Friday evening walks: Mike Whitmore tel 01823 252733
Sunday afternoon walks: Janice Cocket tel 01823 257337
Sunday all-day walks: Davina Cole tel 01823 256834