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Colin's Sidmouth Quiz Extravaganza: March 11th

19 members set off in very heavy rain, in an attempt to find the answers to the 45 questions that Colin had set. Each group was given a map showing the route to be taken, a sheet describing the route and giving clues, and an answer sheet. Fortunately the rain relented after about half an hour and the rest of the afternoon turned out to be reasonably pleasant. As it was discovered that the finishing tea room closed at 4.30 pm, walkers were asked to finish by 4.15pm, which meant that, because of the weather, not all had finished the route. However, some pairs did manage to complete all the answers and the winners with a splendid 41 correct answers, were Janice and Alan.

Everybody thought it had been very enjoyable event despite the weather, and all hoped that Colin would do another in the future, at a different location.

Of course, offers of similar events, in other towns, by other members, would be most welcome.

MIKE (who also took the photos)





Sea at Sidmouth


Sunday Mar 11th: around Hatch Beachamp (leaders Claire & Terry)Boots

13 Ramblers, but only three chaps, wallowed their way for 10 miles round the churches of Hatch, Curry Mallet, Isle Abbots and Beercrocombe. If the walk had finished 10 minutes earlier we all would have got back dry.

Sadly no prizes were awarded for the muddiest boots: it was a tie.

Friday March 11th - out from Beambridge (from Mike)Beambridge

Four brave souls set off on a very wet evening, on what turned out to be a very pleasant walk, culminating in a most enjoyable meal, at The Worlds End.

Sunday Feb 25th: Around N Curry (pic from Philip, text from John O)Nythe Farm

New walk leader attracts a big turn-out. Lynda K’s circular walk from North Curry on a beautiful cold crisp afternoon almost caused parking problems in the village as parking spaces soon became a premium for converging walkers!
Setting off by the church , the route led across undulating ridge fields with a succession of stiles. The views were extensive and impressive in the clear air, and sole dog on the walk enjoyed the freedom to explore pastures new.
Crossing the Knapp road , a rather shaded and muddy old drove was followed as it climbed gradually to reach the main village road at Lillesdon. A welcome breather was taken here, and walkers enjoyed the view across the moor to the lower Quantocks.
Descending now onto West Sedge Moor, the party now followed part of the route of The East Deane Way—a trail surveyed by members of the group more than ten years before. Part of this trail led across on of the largest arable fields in Somerset, and walkers were relieved when the scattered settlement of Newport hoved into view. The final leg of the walk led along Westfield Lane before climbing back on to the ridge with the village and fine church beyond. Alas, too late to enjoy the warmth and welcome of the village’s coffee shop, but maybe, another day ?

(Note from Webmaster re photo. This is Nythe Farm on W Sedgmoor below Rock Hill where Alfred Harp murdered his father George on Bank Holiday Monday 1937 because his father refused to let him go to Bridgwater Fair - after a visit to the Rock Inn, inevitably.The farm employs largely pre-Brexit hardworking Lithuanians: you work it out . . .)

Februay 23rd Bridgwater (from Mike)Sunset

It was a glorious afternoon for walking, and in over 20 years of walking with the Group, it was the first time that I have ever known a walk to be DELIBERATELY extended. The walk was supposed to be 4 miles, but because everybody was enjoying the weather and scenery, it was extended, on route, to 6.1 miles. The walk was followed by the usual excellent meal at the Admirals Landing. Many thanks to Hazel for leading the walk, so soon after her sad loss.

Sunday Feb 11th, Combe St Nicholas (Dave P)

Six of the All-Ladies sub-branch of Taunton Deane Ramblers graciously allowed the writer (and hound) to accompany them on Jan's walk, providing I remained 50 yds behind. No doubt I was asked along to lift heavy gates and untie knotted gates. Through stinging hail and unexplored valleys we trudged to arrive lunch-time at the previously unvisited but stunning vista of Whitestaunton Manor and church. The Grade 1 listed manor had undergone a 10 year refit costing £5million carried out by a New York, but English, jewellery designer and had been sold for £8 million. Worth every penny we agreed. (for details see here). It possesses probably the only private residence with a hammer beam roof and Roman walls and bath, the subject of a Time Team programme.

From here we walked south, east, west - and possibly north of Combe St Nicholas to arrive back at our motors sans cream tea.

(Pic right: Hail under Hedge)

(Competition pic right: Using your skill and judgment place an X by the bitch)


Whitestaunton ManorHailCombe St Nich
Sunday Feb 4th: Stogumber (from Wendy)Stogumber Pavilion
Kathy's excellent 10 mile walk on a sunny, but very cold Sunday was made even more enjoyable by the luxury of a comfortable lunch break on the verandah of Stogumber cricket pavilion.
Sunday Jan 28th: Culmstock (from Miss Moppet)River Culm
If there are muddier walks than this, (a) I don't believe you (b) I certainly don't want to go on it.
Photo here is leader Michael lunching by the Culm, in pensive mood no doubt thinking, "Now have I missed any muddy stretches I should have led through?"
NB to diary. Never walk on the Blackdowns between January and December.

Sunday 21st January: Crowcombe (from Wendy)Crowcombe in the rain
The inclement weather today didn't deter 5 hardy souls who joined Peter for his walk out from Crowcombe. We managed 5 miles trudging through thick mud and surface water in continuous rain before deciding enough!
Another 3 soggy miles before we reached the cars. A nice walk but the views were not at their best!

Note from Webmaster: I normally wouldn't accept rubbish pics like this, but in the circumstances . . .
And it does raise another question: shouldn't wisdom come with age? Or should TDR just give them a medal for bravery?

Wednesday 17th January: Dunster (from Mike Whitmore)Group

It was the first walk Maureen had led for the Group for several years and I believe it was Pete’s first. What a shame that only four others turned up to join them, on what was a glorious afternoon for walking. The one of Dunster’s main street, empty except for us, mid afternoon, is a first for me.Dunster High St

Sunday 7th January: post-Christmas lunch walk (from Philip)Netherclay

21 people joined the morning walk from the County Ground which preceded the Post-Christmas Lunch. Here are the participants during a short break at the Netherclay Local Nature Reserve, Bishops Hull.

Thanks are due to Daphne Hayden both for leading the walk and for arranging the Lunch at the Cricket Club - a very good time was had by all.

Sunday December 17th: around Stoke St Gregory

John Lowe

Twenty or so enjoyed some lovely grub at Stoke - Stollen - big and baby - mince pies, cake and lashings of tea kindly provided and possibly cooked by John & Carol. Anything else? Oh yes that was after a nine mile splatter around the delights of Stoke and N Curry. Thanks to you both.


Sunday December 3rd: Nether StoweySheep rescue

Leader Richard's first walk in charge put the rest of us to shame with his copious notes at each halt near the site of a murder or hanging be it historic or relatively recent. Twenty happy ramblers enjoyed a pleasant amble from Nether Stowey up to the castle mound with the usual extensive views. Then down and around Dead Woman's Ditch. Allied to packets of sweets to keep our gastric juices flowing at the top of hills had us wondering how often he'd like to lead future walks? Every time possibly.
(Right: Peter performing his "How to extract a sheep from fence" trick: showing at all good cinemas soon.)
Miss Moppet.


Wednesday 3rd December…..a walk with the “hug” factor!
(Who needs MacGonagall when we've got JO?)

Alas, ol’ Les’s back is doing him down,
And on his wrinkled brow you’d see a frown.
So, over Enmore’s fields he won’t be there !
By Barford’s fine house you might pause and stare.
O’er the rolling fields near Spaxton you will trudge.
Wishing that that cloying mud would budge !
By Durleigh Brook and sheep filled fields galore,
And mangel wurzel crops that stretch before.
‘Til Enmore’s fine church hoves into view,
And you thoughts turn to that warming home brew !

Sunday November 19th: around North Curry (pics from Mike Whitmore)



R Tone